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Giving child welfare professionals

"encouragement" & "appreciation"

SEPTEMBER 20th, 2021

This year's appreciation drive, our goal is to send a note of encouragement along with a small token of appreciation to 250 child welfare professionals who protect victimized children on the frontlines. 

A Special Note

Protecting victimized children is an incredibly difficult job. These wonderful workers, often find themselves dealing with very stressful situations. These challenges cause many to be overwhelmed which leads to high turnover and a stressed workforce. Providing encouragement & appreciation helps enable them to stay committed to the difficult job of protecting victimized children. 

Working within children's division is often a thankless job. Words of appreciation are vital to the success and emotional support of these professionals. Our goal is to provide them with encouragement and appreciation for the vitally important job that they do. 

Thank you for joining us in supporting these essential frontline caretakers!


The 10.18 Strategy Team