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We are a community action organization that empowers families for child-centered advocacy amid fostering and adoption challenges.

"There is no power for change greater than a community

discovering what it cares about."

~Margaret Wheatley

The Need

Victimized Children Need Safety. In the U.S., almost 8 million official reports of abuse and neglect are made every single year. Despite a 32% increase in abuse reports and a 14% rise in child fatalities since 2010, there is a 5% decrease in children coming into protective care. 78% of the 678,000 verified victims of abuse don’t receive protective services because of a lack of frontline families to care for them!

Lack of Frontline Families. A lack of frontline families puts investigators in an unimaginable predicament, it is the top need cited by child welfare professionals nationwide. As a result, children are often not removed until many reports have occurred. Once removed, if a home is not available, children are placed in shelters or group homes.

The System is Failing. Lack of follow-up after recruitment results in 75% of interested families never becoming licensed, frustrating a public trying to help. Lack of real-world training and support is cited as the top reason states lose over 50% of frontline families in their first year. Creating more disruptions, since a child’s case averages two years.

The Solution

Increase Awareness. Through our national campaign, #ProtectKids, we increase the public's knowledge of the magnitude of child maltreatment and the statistical connections to top community issues. Enabling a community-based response by providing multiple ways to get involved by sharing the cause, serving the community, or supporting the mission. 

Empower Families. By training courageous caretakers in professional child-centered advocacy skills, we provide victimized children the most passionate and proficient advocates possible which provides positive outcomes for children. Coupled with our experienced guidance, families receive assistance in applying their training for their specific circumstances. As a result, confident and able advocates become a resounding and pertinent voice for vulnerable children amid a broken system.

Fill the Gaps. As the cog in the wheel that makes fostering work, frontline families need prioritization! Often families are lost in the shuffle of the agency's state-contracted priorities. The primary way to obtain and retain frontline families is by equipping and guiding them through the system's challenges. That is why we focus on filling the most crucial gaps in the state standardized processes. So more crucially needed, frontline caretakers can provide waiting children protection and love.


protect kids

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678,000 children are verified as VICTIMS of abuse & neglect each year by Child Protective Services.  Almost 80% of these children STAY in their abusive situations due to a lack of frontline families to care for them. 

To us, that's simply unacceptable. 

Together, we can protect kids through awareness, action, and advocacy.

The orphans and the oppressed will be terrified no longer, for You will bring them justice, and no one will trouble them. Psalms 10.18

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