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Giving victimized children "connection" & "love"


This drive is made possible by the generous gift of 1,000 teddy bears from BUILD-A-BEAR FOUNDATION!

Only TOGETHER can we "bring a little more heart to life" in the lives of our community's most vulnerable children!

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Kansas City Metro

Distribution Locations

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A Special Note

In addition to teddy bears, we are wanting to use this drive as an opportunity to provide "connection" and "love" to victimized children. We are planning to incorporate the community to help with providing a fun "celebratory" experience for the kids in addition to teddy bears! Thanks to the generosity of Build-A-Bear Foundation we have over 1,000 teddy bears to distribute. In addition to that, we are wanting to provide kids a "celebratory experience" during their receipt of teddy bears!  Through your generous support, we can create an experience for a child to remember! Your donation helps with our administrative costs and the cost of supplies, signs, drinks, and other celebration items!

Due to victimized children's traumatic backgrounds, their top need and desire are to "connect". So providing a "celebratory experience" as well as the teddy bears provide an environment where victimized children can feel loved and safe. Giving the gift of connection and a feeling of love will last that child a lifetime!

We are honored to have you join us in giving gifts of the heart!

The 10.18 Strategy Team

(donated furry friends will differ from those pictured)