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Giving frontline caretakers of victimized children

"breaks" & "rest"


During our First Wish Christmas drive we worked with a few local hotels to provide a night away for frontline caretakers. The response from caretakers was so overwhelming we decided to start a year-round campaign to provide "short breaks" and "rest" to weary frontline caretakers. We choose caretakers who we know or have been reported to us as being the most stressed and overwhelmed. This is a year-round need and therefore we are working to make it a year-round solution!

A Special Note

Would you join us in supporting the frontline courageous caretakers caring for victimized children? One of the primary needs to keep these caretakers engaged in the difficult work of caring for traumatized kids is to have periodic breaks. Giving caretakers a much needed night away or a meal out with their spouse is a rare commodity for many of these courageous caretakers. 

Our goal is to keep as many of these caretakers supported and refreshed throughout the year so they can continue their vitally essential work for the victimized children of our communities. This year our goal is to provide encouragement and support to 500 caretakers. Even if you could provide a stay for only 1 caretaker, though the gift may seem small it is enormous to the caretaker receiving it!  Your partnership allows us to serve victimized children and the caretakers caring for them! BUT we need your help! Please partner with us today! A donation of any size is so appreciated! If you need additional information, please let us know. We NEED you TODAY! We would greatly appreciate your support. Thank you very much for your consideration!

Thank you for joining us in supporting these essential frontline caretakers!


The 10.18 Strategy Team