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First  Wish

Christmas Drive

of 2020


Many abused and neglected children have NEVER experienced simple holiday traditions like baking cookies or decorating Christmas trees. Far too many haven't even felt love or safety. Our First Wish Christmas Drive is all about giving these precious children their wish for family, connection, & hope this holiday season! 

A Special Note

As a team, when we discussed a Christmas drive for families, we all knew we wanted to do something different. State-contracted agencies and other organizations already provide Christmas gifts of toys and clothes to the children. As experienced frontline families who have cared for victimized children, we have found that toys and clothes are blessings, but the "gift of connection" is a gift that is priceless. Often due to children's traumatic backgrounds, this means needing to find creative ways to "connect" with them, and often. Experience-based gifts tend to cost significantly and are beyond the regular budgets of frontline families who are already giving so much to children in need.  

So our First Wish Christmas drive, is focused on meeting Children's First Wishes by providing INNOVATIVE GIFTS to deepen their connections and relationships. We do this by giving relationship-building experiences (i.e. zoo, ballgames, museums, etc), increased time to caregivers (time-saving memberships, etc), or something that satisfies the longing of a child's heart (child-specified activity or item). Giving the gift of connection and a feeling of love will last that child a lifetime!

We are honored to have you join us in giving gifts of the heart!

The 10.18 Strategy Team

Our goal is to gift First Christmas Wishes to 50 Families / 300 children, BUT we need your help! 

  • 100% of donations go to the kids and families

  • Experience-based gifts provide memories that last a lifetime

  • Gifts have year-round benefits when needed most

  • Specified donations to a particular child or family are available

  • Donations are tax-deductible

  • Items can be purchased from Amazon or Walmart registries vs cash donations

  • Unused or partially used gift cards can be mailed to our home office address below

Frequently asked questions

Why do children in crisis need relationship-based experiences?

Victimized children desperately need connection, and they need to build trust. Often this is tricky, primarily when new relationships are forming. Traumatized children do not just open up and share their hearts. They need connections first! A "connection" often occurs through shared experiences. Often victimized children have NEVER experienced normal childhood activities like going to the zoo, museums, amusement parks, etc. Even something as simple as a family movie night is a foreign experience. These experiences open communication, remove discomfort, and start to build/deepen trust and relationships.

Why does increasing a foster/adopt parent's time make things better for a traumatized child?

As all parents know, caring for children is a big job and requires lots of time. Caring for victimized children who have suffered unimaginable horrors is exhausting and all-consuming! Every hour we can give a frontline family, we provide them with the ability to recharge, stay in the fight for children, and spend more time with the children who desperately need them! More time is one of the most significant gifts we can give to children in crisis!

Why are gifts that focus on satisfying the longing of a child's heart important?

When a child's heart longing is met, it can open their hearts in more profound ways. We have found that for victimized children, most often, their heartfelt wish is not things. Like organizations granting children's last wishes, rarely are toys requested by the child. Children who have experienced significant trauma look at life differently; their longings are often not for "stuff" but "new feelings."

Can I sponsor a frontline foster/adopt family that I know?

Yes! If you have a child or family that you would like to sponsor, when processing your donation, there is a field titled "SPONSOR A SPECIFIC CHILD OR FAMILY?" In that field, be sure to enter their name and cell phone number to contact them about their gift! Specified sponsorships are available to any foster/adopt family within the United States.

How do I buy or send something?

There are specific things we know that children want and need. We have created registries with Amazon and Walmart where items can be purchased. If you feel more comfortable with purchasing an item please go to our links page and click on the desired registry. We also welcome unused or partially used gift cards. They can be mailed to our office address of 705B SE Melody Lane #114, Lees Summit, MO 64081

How do you maximize the donations made?

We work closely with local businesses and organizations for in-kind donations, our minimum goal is to double every donated dollar ($100 donated = $200 worth of gifts received), etc/

How do time-saving memberships help victimized children?

By giving time-saving memberships, we provide the gift of time. For example, if we gifted annual grocery delivery memberships to 250 families, we could impact the lives of approximately 1,000 VICTIMIZED CHILDREN! Families can gain 5 hours per week from their membership, which means that the children RECEIVE 65,000 MORE HOURS from their caregivers throughout 2021! To a victimized child, this is huge and life-changing!

What are some examples of heart-longing gifts?

The beauty of it is that the child determines it. It may be horseback riding, guitar lessons, going to a baseball game, or a fun night with friends. It may even be a makeover to build their confidence. We purposefully keep the specifics of these gifts vague so that the gifts can be child-led. Requiring more work for us to coordinate efforts with frontline families, and they tend to be more expensive. Our dream is to provide every child with $100 towards their heart's longing. The reward of seeing a child's heartfelt wish met is unlike anything else! Often, it creates new emotions for a child that they have never felt. It makes them feel heard, cared for, and valued. All of which are emotions that victimized children have rarely felt.



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