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Giving frontline caretakers of victimized children

"encouragement" & "support"

OCTOBER 18th, 2021

This year's appreciation drive, our goal is to send a note of encouragement along with a small token of appreciation to 500 courageous caretakers who are sacrificially caring, loving, and advocating for victimized children. 

A Special Note

Caring for victimized children is an incredibly rewarding and taxing calling. These courageous caretakers, often find themselves dealing with children with severe trauma. These challenges cause many to be overwhelmed and lack practical support to continue their important role. Providing frontline caretakers' vital self-care resources enables them to be refreshed, appreciated, and stay committed to the difficult task of caring for victimized children. We help caregivers receive "self-care" and "increased time" in innovative ways. 

Caring for victimized children is a thankless calling. It is surprising how many of these courageous caretakers have never heard the words "thank you" for their noble service. Words of appreciation are vital to the success and emotional support of these caretakers. Providing encouragement and practical support are both vitally important to their success, support, and ongoing service to children who so desperately need them.

Thank you for joining us in supporting these essential frontline caretakers!


The 10.18 Strategy Team